Monday, November 18, 2013

Being in Love with Holiday Films.

Thanksgiving is next Thursday, and naturally, I’m getting excited. However, it’s not the upcoming feast that’s making me happy (although I would literally kill a family member if it got me a piece of pumpkin pie—with whipped cream, obviously. I’m not a total animal.) No, what thrills me about Thanksgiving is a tradition that my mother started when my sister and I were little. Before going to my aunt’s for the big family dinner, we get all the Christmas decorations out of the attic and bring them to the living room. We re-open boxes and containers, finding forgotten things or ornaments that we know we must put on the tree.
Now, I’m sure you’re all thinking “what does all this have to do with old films?” I’ll tell you: for me, Thanksgiving is the kick-off for Christmas movies, arguably my favorite time of the year. And it all begins with HOLIDAY INN. Ever since I can remember, decorating the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving was never complete without watching HOLIDAY INN. It’s so deeply embedded in our tradition, and personally, the film is extremely important to me. As I’ve mentioned before, it was my first black-and-white film and my first encounters with two guys named Bing and Fred. The fact that this movie isn’t remembered nearly as much as WHITE CHRISTMAS irritates me to no end. (But that’s for another time.)