Crosby, Wyman, and Barrymore mesmerize in... Just for You (1952)

Ever since his wife died ten years ago, Broadway producer Jordan Blake has slowly built up a wall between himself and his two children, Barbara and Jerry. Although he undoubtedly loves his kids, Jordan finds it easier to pour his energy into his newest stage success rather than his family. Piece by piece, we see how fractured the Blakes have become. Barbara, or "Babs," has gone through 19 governesses; her latest, Mrs. Angevine, turns out to be a drunk, a fact Babs hid so as not to bother her busy father. Jerry, meanwhile, wants to be a songwriter but finds it difficult living in Jordan's immense shadow. To complicate matters, the 18-year-old is in love with Carolina Hill, the star of Jordan's current show... and the woman Jordan also loves.

A sweet, little-known musical, Just for You (1952) has a lot to boast about. For one thing, although he would live until 1980, it was director Elliott Nugent's last film, due to alcoholism and mental illness. The movie also h…