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A memorable moment with Danny Kaye.

This may be my greatest challenge yet... I found out about this blogathon and knew I had to join, but my excitement quickly turned to panic. You see, the point of this blogathon is to talk about one scene from one movie, a scene that you instantly rewinded or that you love watching so much, you drive away friends and family because you just can't stop viewing it and quoting it and reenacting it. (Not that I would know what that's like.) A hundred different ideas came to mind, but I finally decided to look at something from On the Riviera, a Danny Kaye-Gene Tierney picture I have mentioned before. I adore this movie, and although I plan on writing it up this summer, I figured I'd go ahead and give you all just a taste of the musical comedy fun that is On the Riviera. Definitely check out the rest of the wonderful roster, though. It's just too too.
On the Riviera (1951) stars Danny Kaye as …

The Liebster Award.

I got nominated for a Liebster Award! The lovely Leah at Cary Grant Won't Eat You nominated me, and I'm very grateful. The rules are that I have to answer Leah's 11 questions, share 11 things about myself, nominate up to 11 bloggers, and ask my own 11 questions. It's a tall order during all these crazy blogathons I'm working on, but I can't ignore this, so here goes...

I nominate...
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Silents and Talkies
The Wonderful World of Cinema
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Leah's Questions. 1. What’s your favorite movie when you’re feeling blue? Starting with a toughie! I would say anything with Fred and Ginger. Their charm, goofiness, singing, and dancing could lift anyone out of the doldrums. Plus, they're so darn cute.
2. Angry? Bathing Beauty, Dangerous When Wet... (I clearly suck at narrowing it down to one specific film.) Esther Williams films are a major …

Claudette Colbert and Don Ameche are John Barrymore's parents in... Midnight (1939)

Let's all say a big, collective "Happy birthday!" to the one and only Billy Wilder. To celebrate the director's birthday on June 22nd, I'm taking part in this wonderful blogathon. You simply must read the other posts. You wouldn't want to upset Mr. Wilder, would you?

I made a terrible error, you guys. In my list of my favorite Wilder films, I egregiously left out Midnight. How could I, you say? My weak defense is that I wrote the list months before I published it, before I ever watched the masterpiece that is Midnight. I mean, my goodness, it has Claudette Colbert, Mary Astor, Francis Lederer, and John Barrymore in my favorite performance of his. And did I mention Don freaking Ameche? I've said it once, I'll say it again: I love Ameche. LOVE. No Ameche haters are allowed here. Now that I've probably alienated some of you, let's get this Wilder lovefest started.

On a rainy night in Paris, Eve Peabod…

Bill Holden has women trouble in... Rachel and the Stranger (1948)

Rachel and the Stranger is one of those films that I've only barely been acquainted with. You know that person from high school that you knew by name and slight gossip, but would never actually engage with, yet you still say hello when you bump into them in public because it seems polite and you clearly know who each other are? Yeah, that was this movie for me. For a few years now, I would see it listed on TCM's line-up, but I never decided to record it until last week. I have a feeling a few of you might not be familiar with it, which is shameful when you hear that it stars William Holden, Loretta Young, and Robert Mitchum. Sounds interesting now, right? We begin in the mid-1800s...

The film starts with a singing man coming closer to the camera from a distance. As he gets nearer, it turns out that it's Robert Mitchum, or Jim as he's called in the movie. Jim approaches a small, sad-looking cabin and an equally small and sad-looking little boy named Little Davey. Big Da…