The Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers Blogathon has arrived!

It's here! For the next three days, Crystal of In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood and I will be paying tribute to literal drops of sunshine Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with our first joint blogathon! Participants, please leave us a comment below or on Crystal's blog once you are ready to submit your entry and we'll try to post them as soon as we can.
And now, let's face the music and dance with two of Hollywood's most delightful entertainers!
Maddy Loves Her Classic Films starts things off with one of the most adored Fred and Ginger collaborations (and my personal favorite), Top Hat (1935).

For my first entry, I write about the movie Ginger made directly before Top Hat, a delectable mystery-comedy co-starring William Powell called Star of Midnight.

The Story Enthusiast brings us another 1935 classic from Ginger, the tender drama Romance in Manhattan.

The Midnite Drive-In shares some Christmas joy with Fred's TV movie, The Man in the Santa Claus Suit …

William Powell and Ginger Rogers sleuth around in... Star of Midnight (1935)

When The Thin Man was released in 1934, its immense success inspired several cinematic imitations. Many films tried to duplicate the iconic series's winning combination of wit and glamour, yet they rarely reached the same heights as Nick and Nora Charles. Still, I enjoy a great deal of them, especially the ones that co-starred Mr. Charles himself, William Powell, such as Star of Midnight (1935) with Ginger Rogers.

Star of Midnight's title refers to Alice Markham, a woman the audience never sees but who sets the plot in motion when she disappears, worrying her boyfriend Tim (Leslie Fenton). After searching for Alice for a year to no avail, Tim turns to his impossibly suave friend Clay "Dal" Dalzell (Powell), a lawyer and amateur detective. Dal gets more than he bargained for, though, when it is discovered that the new star of a stage musical called Midnight is actually Alice in disguise and she goes into hiding again. Things get more complicated after a reporter is ki…