Announcing the 100 Years of Esther Williams Blogathon!

  There have been quite a few centennials to honor this year -- Lana Turner, Donna Reed, Jane Russell, Judy Holliday, Dirk Bogarde -- but there is one I'm especially excited to celebrate: Esther Williams! To commemorate this gorgeous human being's 100th birthday, I'm bringing back my Esther blogathon from last year, which ended up being such a lovely way to honor her legacy. Because Esther's filmography isn't very large, I'll allow any topic to be claimed a maximum of two (2) times. That being said, you can cover more than her films, such as her autobiography, her history with swimsuits, her TV work, an overview of her teamings with people like Busby Berkeley, Red Skelton, Ricardo Montalb├ín, etc. I will say that if any of her work with Van Johnson is taken the maximum number of times, I'll still be holding my annual Van blogathon in August (which I'll be announcing very soon), so you'll have another chance to cover it. Again, because the topics are a

Bob, Bing, and Dottie take the... Road to Rio (1947)

  With the exception of 1962's Road to Hong Kong , the "Road" movies starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour are some of the funniest, weirdest comedies that ever came out of classic Hollywood. Brimming with inside jokes, delightful musical numbers, and plenty of decadent costumes and sets, the series always features Hope and Crosby as a pair of pals who find themselves in the worst situations as they travel to such places as Morocco, Bali, and Zanzibar. To be honest, not all of the films have aged well thanks to racist jokes and occasionally sexist attitudes, but one of the best entries, as I discovered this year, is Road to Rio . From the moment the opening credits started, this movie had me hook, line, and sinker. (I'm an absolute sucker for animated credits.) The plot follows musicians Hope and Crosby as they're forced to flee every gig because of one woman or another, finally winding up on a ship bound for Rio after they accidentally burn down the