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The Sunshine Blogger Award

Last week, I was completely surprised to receive an award I was lucky to get twice in 2016: the Sunshine Blogger Award. Realizing that she had missed her own 2016 nomination, Gill over at Realweegiemidget Reviews decided to retroactively respond to the award and has graciously passed it on to me and ten other bloggers. Gill is always one of the first people to sign up for my blogathons and she has been a great supporter of my blog for a while now, so it's very much appreciated! The rules of the award are as follows: - Answer the 11 questions posed by the blog that nominated you. - Nominate 11 other blogs. - Ask 11 questions of my own for my nominees to answer. Unfortunately, because I'm starting work on my master's thesis and prior commitments, I just don't have the time to complete all of the award's rules. (I also never seem to have luck when it comes to nominating others.) However, I still tried to answer Gill's questions, which I hope will

The Dizzying Delights of Scaramouche (1952)

In January of 2018, I began keeping a journal of my first-time viewings as a way to remember what new films I'd watched and how I felt about them at that moment. I can be a pretty lazy person, to be honest, so this journal isn't exactly meticulous, but I've been able to keep it up for over a year now and it's nice to look back and read my first impressions. Especially when I decide to revisit a movie I've recorded, like the 1952 swashbuckler Scaramouche . While my journal seems to be filled with more misses than hits, Scaramouche was an unexpected joy. Its mixture of wit, romance, and adventure bowled me over, causing me to jot down in surprise, "I think I may have loved this film." Based on Rafael Sabatini's 1921 novel, which had been adapted to the silver screen before in 1923, Scaramouche is set a few years before the French Revolution. Andre Moreau (Stewart Granger) leads a carefree life, his only worry being his tempestuous relationship