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Goodbye, Paddy

  I'm in shock. Patricia, also known as Caftan Woman and Paddy Lee, has passed away. For the last seven years, Paddy became one of my favorite things about blogging. Sweet, kind, and incredibly supportive, the comments she would leave me gave me so much joy and encouragement. She loved movies right to her very core. There was never a film I could talk about that Paddy didn't know, and even if she didn't like one I wrote about, she could still find something positive to say about it and my writing. Although I never met Paddy in real life, the news of her death is devastating. Who she was as a person -- smart, caring, optimistic, ebullient, funny -- shone through her words so brilliantly, I felt as if she were an old friend. Every time I published a post, I wondered what delightful thing Paddy would comment. Whether she was sharing a lovely anecdote about her children (whom she clearly adored), mentioning that she saw a specific movie star perform in a stage production (whi