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Announcing the Esther Williams Blogathon!

First of all, if you subscribe to my blog (thank you!) or check in regularly, you might have noticed that this post was accidentally published yesterday before I had finished it and I didn't realize it until a full day had gone by. *face palm* Obviously my brain is still a bit scattered, even though -- drum roll, please -- I'm finally finished with my master's! I can't tell you how relieved and relaxed I've felt the past few weeks. It just further confirms for me that grad school is not something I'll be doing again, although I am really proud of one result from it: my thesis on Esther Williams. As many of you are aware, Esther is very dear to me, and writing about her in such an extensive way was a dream, albeit a very stressful, anxiety-ridden dream. Despite that, it made me appreciate Esther even more and so I've decided to do something a few people have encouraged me to do in the past: host a blogathon dedicated to Hollywood's favorite mer

Sunshine Blogger Award 2020

Once again, I have been graciously nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, this time by one of my favorite bloggers, Brittaney! If you haven't visited her lovely site  The Story Enthusiast before, do yourself a favor and check it out! The rules of the award are as follows: - Answer the 11 questions posed by the blog that nominated you. - Nominate 11 other blogs. - Ask 11 questions of your own for your nominees to answer. As I've said before, I truly have no luck when it comes to nominating other blogs, but I'm happy to answer Brittaney's questions! I also still came up with 11 of my own questions, which I've answered in lieu of my nominees answering. What British or international film would you recommend to a friend who has never seen one? It depends on the friend, but I'd say The Red Shoes or The Third Man . Oh, or Amélie if I don't think they'd be receptive to a classic film.   Which classic film director do you prefer and what is your favorite of