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Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale play spy games in... Blindfold (1966)

On a beautiful morning in Central Park, psychiatrist Dr. Bartholomew Snow (Rock Hudson) is enjoying a horseback ride when he is stopped by two CIA men, General Pratt (Jack Warden) and his aide Barker. One of Snow's former patients, scientist Arthur Vicenti, has become a valuable government asset -- he's also suffered a mental breakdown. Needing Snow's help, Gen. Pratt arranges to take the good doctor to Vicenti's secret location. How secret is it? Well, they can only refer to it as Base X and Snow must always wear a blindfold when he is taken there. For a week, Snow struggles to lead his new double life, but he soon realizes things can only get more complicated when his horse collides with a beautiful woman's bicycle in the park. This woman, Snow will quickly discover, is Arthur's sister, Vicki (Claudia Cardinale), who will stop at nothing to figure out what has happened to her missing brother. As if that wasn't enough, Snow is approached by Fitzpatrick