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Happy 111th, Cary!

  Let's all just sit and stare at that beautiful face for a few minutes... Okay, I'll be serious. Cary Grant may have the most handsome face in history, but he was always more than his looks. Like Fred Astaire, he had class, grace, modesty, generosity, and enormous talent. (There's a reason Gene Kelly called Astaire the Cary Grant of dance.) Cary will forever be my favorite actor--I loves him to pieces. I'm particularly at a loss today as to what more could be said about Cary. He had perfect timing. He was an amazing leading man. He knew comedy in and out. His dramatic performances were, and sometimes still are, underappreciated. He deserved an Oscar at some point in his career (I say for Notorious or Bringing Up Baby ). He was extraordinarily good-looking. Exhibit A: All of the above is true. The man defines a real movie star, one we will likely never see again. But he was also an incredible person. Sometimes it makes me tear up just reading about his lov

Happy second day of 2015!

I had wanted to post something for Christmas and New Year's Eve, but my brain just didn't want to function. I figured if I couldn't think of anything, I shouldn't publish something half-baked. But I hope you all had great holidays! I have some ideas in the works for this year's blogging, including a series focused on the oft-forgotten Ida Lupino. I've noticed that my pieces on Esther Williams and Astaire & Rogers were the most popular posts I've done, so I'm going to try and write more things like that. I usually don't like reading or writing biographical stuff--I'm more into analysis and opinion--but I have an idea of how to tweak it to please everyone. I also want to write about classic TV shows. I'm already putting together a post for the 1960's Batman series, and I'd love to publish something on The Addams Family and I Love Lucy . Hopefully I can get my hands on more series through YouTube and Netflix. One o