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Five Reasons to See... Wintertime (1943)

When Norwegian millionaire Hjalmar Ostgaard (S.Z. Sakall) and his niece Nora (Sonja Henie), an amateur skating champion, arrive in Canada to wait for their quota numbers in order to emigrate to the United States*, they are tricked into staying at the shabby Chateau Promenade by its desperate owner, Skip Hutton (Jack Oakie). Skip and his partner, Freddy Austin (Cornel Wilde), have just one more day to convince their creditors to keep the hotel open and Skip believes that Ostgaard is just the man to help them. Freddy quickly admits to Nora what Skip's idea is, but rather than be upset, she is charmed by the hotel (and Freddy) and the three of them scheme to convince her uncle to invest in the Chateau Promenade. It works, but trouble immediately appears when Nora and Freddy are kept apart by Marian Daly (Helene Reynolds), a flirty photographer for an influential winter sports magazine whose publicity would help the hotel. On top of that, the Ostgaards' millions are cut off w