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Come September (1961): An Overlooked Treat

One of the best things about being a cinephile is finding forgotten gems. There is nothing like starting a movie and realizing that not only do you love it, but you need to tell everybody about it because it deserves better attention. Robert Mulligan's  Come September is one of those movies. Every September, wealthy businessman Robert Talbot (Rock Hudson) goes to his gorgeous Italian villa and spends the month in romantic bliss with his Roman paramour, Lisa (Gina Lollobrigida). This year, however, Robert can't wait for September to come and arrives in July, surprising Lisa -- who was all set to be married to a stuffy Englishman -- and his major domo, Maurice (Walter Slezak) -- who turns Robert's massive house into a hotel for the eleven months that he is away! Normally, that would be plot enough for most comedies. Maurice would spend the whole film trying to hide the truth; Lisa would likely do the same; Robert would become increasingly frustrated until it all ex