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Moonlighting: "The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice"

Moonlighting , a mixture of romantic comedy, sincere drama, and intriguing mystery, has become one of my favorite TV shows. I haven't been able to see the last two seasons yet (curse you, high DVD prices!), but the first three seasons are indelible, with season 2's "The Dream Sequence Rings Twice" proving to be especially brilliant and unforgettable. But first, a quick primer on Moonlighting ... Created by Glenn Gordon Caron, the show is about former model Maddie Hayes (Cybill Shepherd),  who has to take over the Blue Moon Detective Agency when her accountant swindles her. Blue Moon's top detective is wisecracking David Addison (Bruce Willis), whose views and ideas completely oppose Maddie's. Basically, if you enjoy screwball comedies, you'd like Moonlighting . The dialogue is fast and furious, the situations are usually nutty, and the hesitant romance between Maddie and David is exquisite. For a more in-depth look at the show in general, check out