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I have no title.

It's pathetic, but it's true. I couldn't think of a good title, so I gave up. I'm such a good role model. Anyway, on to the post... Christmas is the best. I love everything about it, from the tree decorating to the cold weather to the buying of presents. In a way, I feel bad for Thanksgiving because right after Halloween everyone jumps ahead to Christmas and bypasses Thanksgiving—but who can blame people? Two days after Halloween, I was sitting on the floor decorating my little tree while listening to Christmas music. And yes, the holiday film viewing has begun. Oh boy, has it begun. I watch more and more every year, but I still feel like it hasn’t been enough. However, there are a few that I wish had a bigger following during the holiday season. Remember the Night is one such film that I just discovered. Written by Preston Sturges, you would think it’s going to be a wacky comedy, but it’s more of a sentimental drama (in the best possible sense) that boasts th

When will the collecting cease? (Never.)

I love having an apartment. It's great to have a kitchen and a bathroom of my own, especially after last year's dorm life, where I was awakened to the sad fact that girls can be just as gross as guys when it comes to maintaining bathrooms. The best part about an apartment, though, is decorating it. As you've seen from the first part of my "Antiques and Projects" series, I enjoy collecting furniture, decorations, and whatnot. My biggest weakness has to be covering my wall spaces. There's just so much room and my walls are white, so I need to liven things up. I thought I'd share with you all what movie craziness I have on my walls right now. Recently I've become obsessed with lobby cards. It's weird since it always drives me nuts that they almost never get the colors correct (Jane Fonda and Rod Taylor's robes are blue!). Anyway, finding these were easier than I thought they would be. The ones for Lover Come Back and Sunday in New York

Shaking off Illness.

For the past week, I’ve had a cold. It doesn’t happen very often, but oddly I actually enjoy being sick. It allows me to lay around in PJs, drink hot tea, and skip class so I can watch movies all day get better. (I could do this while I’m healthy, too, but my parents would not be pleased.) Whenever I’m sick, I have a few staples in my routine, as I’m sure we all do. Usually I’ll lay on the living room couch with my dog and watch TV as I drift in and out of sleep, and my mom supplies me with the requisite tissues, Sprite or orange juice, and soup. Unfortunately, I had to be sick in my college apartment, so no couch (I only have two wingback chairs), no adorable dog, and no caretaker. It sucked, but I did have my movies, which we all know makes it a little bit sunnier. Below is my personal list of films that get me through all the stuffed noses, pathetic coughing, and scratchy throats: Any Fred and Ginger. It would be silly to assume that these two could solve all the world’s pro