Shaking off Illness.

For the past week, I’ve had a cold. It doesn’t happen very often, but oddly I actually enjoy being sick. It allows me to lay around in PJs, drink hot tea, and skip class so I can watch movies all day get better. (I could do this while I’m healthy, too, but my parents would not be pleased.) Whenever I’m sick, I have a few staples in my routine, as I’m sure we all do. Usually I’ll lay on the living room couch with my dog and watch TV as I drift in and out of sleep, and my mom supplies me with the requisite tissues, Sprite or orange juice, and soup. Unfortunately, I had to be sick in my college apartment, so no couch (I only have two wingback chairs), no adorable dog, and no caretaker. It sucked, but I did have my movies, which we all know makes it a little bit sunnier. Below is my personal list of films that get me through all the stuffed noses, pathetic coughing, and scratchy throats:

Any Fred and Ginger. It would be silly to assume that these two could solve all the world’s problems with their gorgeous dancing and their fantastic movies…but I believe it. They were the ones who fixed the Depression, right? (I’m only 90% kidding.)

Funny Face. What can I say, Fred Astaire is a good cure. This movie is absolutely lovely to look at, what with the fashions and Paris and oh yeah, Audrey Hepburn. The Gershwin songs are the best, and Kay Thompson is such a breath of fresh air—which helps when you literally can’t breathe through your own nose.

The Philadelphia Story. What happens when you put my favorite actress and actor together, along with my second favorite actor to complicate the story? You get one of the best romantic comedies ever, no debates about it. Everyone involved does some of their best work, especially Cary Grant. I know it’s seen as the Katharine Hepburn Show (which, isn’t it always?) and Jimmy Stewart won an Oscar for his role, but I think Cary is the standout. He stays to the background and he just has so many subtle touches. Look at him as he watches Kate throughout the whole movie—it’s so romantic.

Pillow Talk. Looking at this list, I feel like the only thing I watch is romantic comedy after romantic comedy. But I could never leave out the best Doris Day-Rock Hudson film. It’s a complete delight, if only to hear Hudson sing “You Are My Inspiration” in English and French. I just love every second of it.

The Adventures of Robin Hood. I’m trying to venture away from the rom-coms here, but Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland kind of make this action movie into one anyway. My favorite scene is definitely when they’re in Marion’s room and Robin comically forces her to admit that she loves him. Did I mention how gorgeous Errol Flynn is? This man is seriously my kryptonite. I can’t get through any of his movies with sighing at least once—it’s sappy and pathetic and I don’t care. But Robin Hood is such a great movie, with an awesome supporting cast and many fun action scenes. Plus, you have Claude Rains and Basil Rathbone as the villains, which is always a good thing.

Any classic Disney. My family and I are the biggest Disney geeks, and it’s something we’re all proud of. I adore the newer movies (Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Tangled, The Princess and the Frog…), but my heart will always be with the likes of Mary Poppins, Cinderella, Snow White, 101 Dalmatians (which I just rediscovered), and Sleeping Beauty.

The Wizard of Oz. Obviously my #1 film would be on here. ‘Nuff said.

Some Like it Hot. When you’re sick, you need a good laugh. Except for when your throat is so sore that laughing makes you want to cry…but this movie is worth it. It might just be the best comedy ever made, and in the opinion of many, it’s Marilyn Monroe’s greatest movie. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are one of the funniest pairings I’ve ever seen and it’s only right that they should be teamed with Billy Wilder.

I realize I didn’t give a lot of variety in terms of genres, but I guess I like to lean towards happier fare when I’m personally feeling like making a permanent home under my blanket. What are your choices when you’re ready to give up on life—I mean, ill?

With love,


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