Busy Bee.

Hello, all!

The picture of Ginger above really has nothing to do with this post, I just like it a lot. School is keeping me rather busy--who knew college could be so time-consuming? I actually have one week coming up that is full of craziness: an essay is due, a group presentation has to be given, and there are three midterms. And one is a math exam...on a Saturday...at 8 am. Safe to say my brain will be mush.

So, since I have all this madness to prepare for, I thought I'd just drop in real quick and post something before I get slammed. I'm not feeling especially creative right now, so I'll just do an "update" like I did back in March and talk about what's going on in my life movie-wise. (See The Apartment nod I did there?)

Let's see...as I told you lovely people before, I have a cinema class and so far it's not too shabby. I finally got to see Metropolis (so cool), and all of our screenings are on the big screen at the IU Cinema. We have to do our first essay over a 5-minute clip from any of the six movies we've watched so far, and I'm leaning towards one of my personal favorites, Now, Voyager. My biggest challenge right now is limiting myself to just 5 minutes. Trimming down my clip has been way too difficult. This class is also the one where I have a group presentation, which I'm kinda dreading. Group work is the worst, mainly because I end up doing all the work. I have to initiate everything, I have to constantly stay on top of everyone and make sure they're doing their job--ugh, it's going to be a nightmare. I'm only a little excited about it because our topic is over The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so now I "have" to re-watch it and take notes and be studious about it. Quel horreur.

I actually just finished, like two days ago, an essay for a media class on Hitchcock's Rope. We had to focus on a clip given to us and write 3-4 pages about it. We were supposed to focus on the technical stuff, like tracking shots and mise-en-scene and all that, but I may have gone a little astray. You can't expect me not to go more in depth than that when it's Hitch, okay? I might post the essay on here sometime, I'm not sure.

What else is happening?

Oh, exciting news--my mom and I got tickets for the Hitchcock festival at the Artcraft! They're showing Psycho, The Lady Vanishes, The 39 Steps, Rebecca, Rear Window, and Rope. Unfortunately, because of my job, I can't take off work for The 39 Steps and my beloved Rebecca, but I'll get to see the others so that's good enough. We're also seeing Gone with the Wind at the Artcraft in November. I know TCM and Fathom just did screenings of it nationally, but going to the Artcraft would be much cheaper. My mom is really excited because she's always wanted to see her all-time favorite on the big screen, but nobody ever wanted to go with her. Well, now that I appreciate the classics better and my sister has decided she shares my mom's love for GWTW, she has people to join her.

This Monday is pretty exciting, too. The IU Cinema is showing Some Like It Hot and I'm totally skipping math class to see it. It also happens to be my birthday, so I think it's justified to miss class for a fantastic film. Usually the Cinema shows the classic stuff on weekends, which sucks because I go home every weekend for work so I always miss movies I would love to see. Luckily the Cinema is doing a series called "Monday Matinees" this semester where they've picked three classics to show on, well, Mondays. I may have to skip math again to see Singin' in the Rain in November...

That's it for now, mes amis. I'll post again as soon as things aren't as hectic.

With love,


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