This photo of Audrey is basically how I'm feeling. Nine days into 2017 and I'm just now publishing my first post of the new year. In my defense, things have been a little crazy for me and also I just felt real lazy. My college's winter break is almost a whole month long, which is nice but also makes it difficult to return to school mode when the time comes. This time around, I'm really feeling sluggish. Hopefully this changes soon because I've got some interesting things coming down the pipeline. In a few weeks, I should be hearing back about my graduate school application, and I might have the opportunity to contribute one or two guest posts to the blog of my beloved IU Cinema, one of the greatest resources my college offers. My family is also talking about vacationing in San Francisco this summer, so I'm becoming pretty excited over that. (Vertigo locations and Walt Disney Family Museum, here I come!)

Every new year, I try to establish a few new things that I want to do with my blog, but honestly, I don't think I ever follow through on them. I was supposed to do a series on old TV shows, dig into Ida Lupino's filmography, and although I said this in an anniversary post and not a "New Year" one, I also said I wanted to discuss more current films (re: post-1970). I think I'll still try to do at least one of these ideas, but I'm not going to fully commit to them, at least not yet.

There is one thing I'm totally committed to, however: my upcoming Doris Day blogathon! She's kind of the best and after the devastating loss of Debbie Reynolds, I'm trying to appreciate the amazing artists we still have from classic Hollywood. This has inspired me to go back to writing letters to a few of those stars. For a year in high school, I sent out about a dozen letters and only received two responses, which probably caused me to give up doing any more. I wish I had kept at it, especially since one of those initial letters was to Ms. Reynolds, so 2017 is the year of maximum letter-writing!

Until next time,


  1. Happy New Year, Michaela!

    My break lasts about the same amount of time, and I just feel like I'm trying to do everything and nothing at once. Best of luck with your application and your future endeavors! I'm planning on returning to San Francisco for the Silent Film Festival this year, and have been wanting to check out Hotel Vertigo this time around. Apparently they play the film on repeat in the lobby!

    As always, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Thank you! I'm always excited for your posts as well!

      I haven't even begun to plan out my trip for San Francisco, but I'm sure I'll be driving my family nuts by trying to stop here, there, and everywhere for film-related things. Thank goodness they're Disney fanatics like me so the Disney Family Museum won't be a problem. :)


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