The Third Esther Williams Blogathon is here!


Happy Esther Williams Weekend! I am so delighted that we'll be celebrating Esther for the next three days, including her 101st birthday on the 8th. An unforgettable talent, brilliant businesswoman, and wonderful role model, Esther has been thrilling audiences for years and her influence is still felt today. I love this woman to pieces, and I can't wait to read what all of the participants have to say about her.

Participants, please leave a comment below once you are ready to submit your entry and I'll try to post them as soon as I can.

18 Cinema Lane | Easy to Wed (1946)

Love Letters to Old Hollywood | personal Esther collection

Box Office Poisons | Esther's restaurant The Trails

The Stop Button | The Hoodlum Saint (1946)

Taking Up Room | On an Island with You (1948)

Critca Retro | Esther and Annette Kellerman

Whimsically Classic | Dangerous When Wet (1953)


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