Welcome to Love Letters to Old Hollywood!

Hello, everybody! Welcome to my very first blog, Love Letters to Old Hollywood. I’m really excited about starting this adventure, and I can’t wait to see the impact it’ll have on me, and hopefully on you, the reader, as well.
Classic films have really become my life. I’ve never been more passionate about something in my life. I used to love photography. I was convinced that I would go to college and major in it. But my love for film was just so overwhelming; the more I learn, the more engrossed I get. Now I don’t know what my plans are for a bachelor’s degree. I just know that I have to do something that connects to my beloved films. Maybe I’ll be a film historian, or maybe I’ll be a librarian.

For the present, though, I’m a college freshman who stumbled across a blog one day called Best of the Past and was instantly enthralled. Then I thought, “How great would it be to have my own blog? One where I can just geek out all the time about my old movies?” And that’s what I plan to do. I don’t know how long I’ll have this blog, or even how successful it’ll be. But hopefully there are classic film fans out there who are looking for other film fans so they can be nerds together. I’m crossing my fingers here that maybe my blog will help me connect with people who feel the same way about the Golden Age of Hollywood as I do. Here’s to the start of a journey!


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