The Favorite Film and TV Homes Blogathon is here!

Are you ready to see some gorgeous homes? I sure am!

Today marks the first day of the Favorite Film and TV Homes Blogathon, an event that I am honored to co-host with the wonderful Phyl from Phyllis Loves Classic Movies. While she will be taking care of days one and three, I will be hosting day two and the wrap-up post. Bloggers, please try to send your link(s) to the corresponding hostess.

Check out day one here! And don't forget to come back here tomorrow for the amazing houses of day two!


  1. Hey there, just wee me wishing you all the best for this blogathon xx Off to post my review with Phyllis xxx

  2. What a great idea to split up the duties that way, so you don't get confused about whether you've posted people's links or not! I've already added mine to Phyl's page, but just wanted to pop over here and say thanks to you also for hosting this unusual and fun blogathon :-)

    1. It was Phyl's idea! And thank you! Excited to see what you wrote!

  3. Hi. I'm done. Here is my entry:

    Thanks so much for hosting.

  4. Our post on Belle Fountaine ( the house from "The Chalk Garden" ) has been posted. Thank you for co-hosting this event!

  5. Ahhh Michaela, I'm so sorry, but I won't be able to post my entry. I had so been looking forward to it too. :( There's just a lot going on right now, really sorry again. But I will try to check out everyone else's posts.

    1. I'm sorry, too! I completely understand, though. I haven't been able to even write my post yet thanks to a crazy busy week. I hope you enjoy the entries still!


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