The Favorite Film and TV Homes Blogathon: Day 2

It's time for Day 2 of the fabulous Favorite Film and TV Homes Blogathon! The entries have been stupendous so far, so my co-host Phyl and I can't wait to see what you guys have cooked up for today. To check out yesterday's posts, click here to head over to Phyllis Loves Classic Movies for the recap.

The lovely Metzinger sisters of Silver Scenes take us to Belle Fountaine, courtesy of The Chalk Garden (1964).

Buster is gobsmacked by the greatness of Crítica Retrô's post about two of his short films, The Scarecrow (1918) and The Electric House (1922).

An Ode to Dust transports us to the incredible abode of the Beatles in Help! (1965).

Crimson Kimono explores the settings of the masterpiece Vertigo (1958).

Don't forget to check out Phyllis Loves Classic Movies tomorrow for Day 3!


  1. Where is everybody?
    Well, I'm here and I brought two Buster Keaton shorts:

  2. Mine is ready!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Here's my entry


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